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Google Ads For Mortgage Loan Officers




Targeted Keywords


Google Ads enables precise targeting with long-tail keywords, connecting you directly with clients actively searching for specific mortgage information, enhancing the relevance and efficiency of your outreach.

Measurable Analytics


Offering detailed tracking and analytics, Google Ads allows you to measure ad performance accurately, providing insights for ROI optimization and strategic campaign adjustments.

High Intent


Engage with users who are further along in their buying journey, actively seeking mortgage solutions, making them more likely to respond to your ads with genuine interest and engagement.

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Comparing Lead Sources

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Things We Can Help With...


High Quality

We utilize 100% live search traffic instead of sourcing leads from social media. We also ensure data quality by using xVerify to validate email addresses and phone numbers.


All campaigns and leads are exclusive to you. They are not re-sold to other people.

Control Your Budget

Turn your ad spend up to increase lead flow or turn it down to control your expenses.

Account Setup


We can create a new Google Ads account and set it up for you.

Purchase Leads


We can build a new campaign to help you generate purchase leads.

Refinance Leads


We can build a new campaign to help you generate refinance leads.

Landing Pages


We'll build you a landing page to convert web traffic into leads.

Conversion Tracking


We'll setup conversion tracking using Google Tag Manager.



We'll setup Google Analytics for in-depth data analysis.


We'll continually monitor your campaigns and add/remove keywords.

Lead Alerts


We'll setup lead alerts via text and email.

Lead Storage

We'll create a Google sheet to store your leads.


Get Rolling!

Start receiving exclusive mortgage leads in 7-10 days.

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Fill out the setup form and pay your invoice via Stripe.

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Leads from Home Search Sites
(Zillow, Realtor.com)


  • Stage in Sales Cycle: These leads are often at an advanced stage, potentially ready to purchase a home within 90 days.
  • Quality and Conversion: Considered high-quality, with conversion rates around 3-5%.
  • Why They're Valued: Leads from these platforms are usually serious about purchasing soon, making them highly coveted by real estate agents and mortgage loan officers.
  • Cost level: Expensive. These leads are considered the cream of the crop, and the costs reflect that.
  • Pros: High conversion rates.
  • Cons: Expensive. Loan officers need a large marketing budget to pay for these.


Search Engine Leads
(Google, Bing, Yahoo)


  • Stage in Sales Cycle: Intermediate - not as advanced as Zillow/Realtor.com leads, but more progressed than social media leads.
  • Quality and Conversion: These leads are actively seeking answers to home financing questions, indicating a stronger intent than social media leads. They typically convert between 1-2%. Strong sales skills and robust followup systems can increase the conversion rate.
  • Characteristics: Strong purchase intent. Leads from Google Ads have shown demonstrable interest in topics like income, assets, credit score, and employment related to home financing. They are asking housing-related questions on the internet and seeking answers.
  • Cost level: Affordable/Intermediate. These leads are more expensive than social media leads, but typically much less costly than Zillow leads.
  • Pros: Higher conversion rates than social media leads, and less expensive than Zillow.
  • Cons: Lower conversion rates than Zillow, with longer sales cycle.


Social Media Leads
(Facebook, Instagram, TikTok)


  • Stage in Sales Cycle: Generally at the very beginning.
  • Quality and Conversion: Lower quality, with less than 1% conversion rate on average. People that convert these leads have robust followup systems and a well-trained sales team.
  • Characteristics: These leads are not actively seeking home financing solutions and may not be considering purchasing a home for over a year. The intent to purchase is significantly lower.
  • Cost level: Cheap/inexpensive.
  • Pros: Very affordable. These are good leads for stocking your CRM with data.
  • Cons: Extremely low conversion rates. Leads may contain bad contact information. Leads may not quality for loan programs due to ineligible credit, income, employment, or assets.



Please reach out if you want to start generating exclusive mortgage leads using Google Ads. Our team can create your advertising account, setup a campaign, and build out the systems for a competitive price. Fill out the contact form below and we'll be in touch soon!